5 planet-friendly daily actions!

Adopting good practices for the planet is very simple! Here are 5 tips to limit your impact on the ecosystems!


Whether it is used mobile phones or slightly damaged objects that can still be used, do not hesitate to recover all those little things around us that will surely end up in a landfill or in the ocean. Some sources of pollution can be easily avoided!


Between a banana peel and a plastic soda bottle, the decomposition time in nature can vary from a few weeks to a few hundred years! Keep in mind that recycling is essential for optimal waste management and sort through the different materials – plastic, glass, cardboard, organic waste… and if this is not already the case, encourage your family and friends to do the same!


Deforestation is a scourge that affects the entire planet because its consequences concern us all! Each tree planted contributes to restoring air quality and capturing CO2 that is concentrated in the atmosphere as a result of human activities.


In their relationship with nature, human beings must learn to respect the living species that cohabit their ecosystem. When walking in the forest, avoid picking wild flowers or feeding animals. Try not to leave any traces of your passage and enjoy in all discretion the wonders that nature offers us!


The importation of products and goods generates CO2 emissions that our planet definitely does not need! Let’s limit our carbon footprint by promoting local production channels. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are much tastier and much more respectful of nature!


Do tell us about your daily actions that contribute to solving the challenges of nature conservation!

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