Climate and Conservation at Davos

The World Economic Forum recently held its annual summit in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. During this highly anticipated and highly publicized event, many themes related to global economic development were discussed. From violence in the Sahel to the end of corruption, the topics raised were extremely varied, and among them, experts on climate emergency and the need to rethink economic and social progress in a sustainable way were able to make their voices heard.

Many speakers have followed one another on the subject, so vast is it and so much is at stake. Dr. Jane Goodall, His Majesty the Duke of Cambridge, Sir David Attenborough or even Al Gore, so many great names in nature conservation who were keen to enlighten the many participants at this summit on the gravity of the human impact on nature.

In the increasingly innovative context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, decision-makers have the technological capacity to rethink trade and focus the world’s economic development in line with the commitments made in the Paris Agreement.

Find all the conferences on the World Economic Forum website.

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