Education is a powerful ally against malnutrition

Hunger affects 795 million people in the world, which represents 1 out of 9 people according to the World Food Program. At the same time, obesity concerns 650 billion adults according to the World Health Organization (WHO). These are two extreme conditions which have harmful, and even lethal consequences on human health, and it is crucial that these issues be solved.

In an article published on their website, the Food and Agriculture Organization details how education is of great help when fighting malnutrition, especially for our youngest.

At an age when they build their social and individual models and relations, providing children quality nutritional education allows them to be informed on their food needs. Teachers can also organize playful activities on the matter, thus encouraging the kids to have healthy food habits.

Many schools also offer meals during the day, thus guaranteeing the children’s health and their nutritional well-being. The poorest families often see one more reason to enrol their children; and for all of them, it’s a way to get access to sufficient nutritional intake.

Education is therefore an efficient way to reach the “Zero Hunger” goal set by the United Nations by inscribing durably healthy and sustainable values and practices.

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