EduConservation Train-The-Trainers

The EduConservation project supports teachers in understanding the educational material made available to them for teaching nature conservation. To this end, Train-the-Trainers courses are organized in partnership with the ministries of education of our beneficiary countries. How do these sessions take place? How are they received? We tell you everything!

A complete training

Teachers have at their disposal a complete guide, which supports the EduConservation Activity Booklet and aims to help the teacher to go further. Other activities, games and actions to be carried out in class are offered to teachers. The aim of the project is to encourage young people to behave in a way that respects nature. Playful, this material develops in children a sense of civic responsibility towards nature and ecosystems.

A successful experience

To date, many teachers have been trained in the EduConservation method and their feedback is extremely positive and encouraging. They leave satisfied and motivated, ready to implement this unique and innovative program in their classrooms.

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