Electronic waste piles up and isn’t recycled much

There are more and more electronic devices in our daily life. Phones, televisions, computers, etc. are quite hard to recycle when they get discarded. According to an article on French website notre-planè, only 20% of these items were recycled in 2016, whereas the total of them represented 44 million tonnes worldwide.

The United Nations call the countries to have a better management of their waste, which represent a total value of 55 billion dollars. Recycling electronic devices would allow to retrieve components of great value that contain gold and other rare or precious metals, thus reducing mining exploitation and its negative effects on the environment.

Furthermore, this waste is, by its composition, highly dangerous for nature and it is necessary to collect it so that is doesn’t pile up on open sky dumps. Organizations like Eco-Systèmes in France offer electronic waste collecting and treating services.

Planned obsolescence, although now illegal in France, is largely responsible for the increase of electronic waste; yet, making consumers accountable when buying these items, and sensitizing them to their environmental impact is also important.

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