How to make homemade compost!

Soils are a precious resource for the planet. They contribute to temperature regulation and plant growth. There is a simple and natural way to maintain their fertility: composting. 

What is compost?
Compost is an organic product similar to forest humus, which results from the decomposition of organic waste. Composting is an excellent way to dispose of waste in a sustainable way while contributing to soil fertilization and maintenance.

To make your compost, you will need to make a distinction between nitrogen-rich green materials and carbon-rich brown materials, in order to mix them and guarantee an optimal decomposition of your waste.

For example, green waste includes: peelings, leftovers from meals, spoiled egg shells, spoiled fruits and vegetables, etc., but also cut grass and manure.

Brown materials are your old newspaper from the previous day or dried twigs, paper, cardboard, etc.

How to make compost?
Preferably in a wooden bin, green and brown waste should be mixed in successive layers. Be careful not to isolate this bin from the ground because this is where the decomposers (worms and others) will arrive from to create the ecosystem necessary to the elimination of your waste.

Attention! Do not add any non-degradable waste – plastic, glass, grease, metals, etc. 

Finally, you can protect your compost from the rain and sun by covering it with a tarpaulin or a wooden lid.

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