Train-The-Trainers in the Republic of the Congo – Brazzaville, April 9-10, 2018

Memorable event for an ambitious project

On April 9-10, The EduConservation team hosted two “Train-The-Trainers” sessions in Brazzaville and Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo. These trainings were designed to onboard teachers and teaching inspectors on the EduConservation activity booklets that will be distributed, as part of the pilot phase, to 7th grade students across all public schools nationwide.

Training sessions were preceded by an official launch ceremony that took place in Brazzaville in the presence of Mrs. Arlette Soudan-Nonault, Minister of Tourism and Environment (MTE), and Mr. Anatole Collinet Makosso, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education and Literacy (MEPSA). In their respective speeches, both State officials stressed the prime importance of conservation within Congolese public policies.

(Since) school represents one of the appropriate means to reach out to the population, its role in environmental education turns out to be crucial. Our goal is to foster an eco-citizen culture among the population, from a very young age all the way to adulthood.

Minister Arlette Soudan-Nonault.

6500 activity booklets distributed in Congolese public schools

Designed to train an ecoresponsible generation all the while addressing local educational requirements, our booklets are both unique and, in Minister Collinet Makosso’s own terms, “highly meaningful” educational materials:

Through the exploration of 9 core topics, the booklet allows students to understand the environment, biodiversity and services provided by ecosystems; to understand the impact of pollution, climate change and extinction. [It encourages them] to commit personally towards civic action for the renewal of energy sources, reforestation and promotion of agriculture.

Minister Anatole Collinet Makosso

6500 booklets will be distributed as follows:

  • Brazzaville – 3300 ;
  • Pointe-Noire – 2200 ;
  • Bouenza – 500 ;
  • Sangha – 500.

Claire Duval, Executive General Director of EduConservation, reminded teachers that the programme was designed to “[…] facilitate the teaching of conservation for those willing to make it a core subject of the existing curriculum – thanks to a programme […] and tools that leverage their expertise, along with that of renowned international experts, for their students’ benefit.”

Claire Duval, Directrice Exécutive du programme EduConservation.
Claire Duval, EduConservation Executive Director

Initiated and actively supported by Sabine Plattner African Charities and Leadership for Conservation in Africa, this programme will surely appeal to its young audience, causing students to marvel at the treasures of a nature they desire to preserve – an approach that resonates with Sabine Plattner’s vision.

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